Welcome To DV8 Underground Radio Live DJs Direct From The Studio Every Day Delivering The Best In UK Hardcore, Drum & Bass, Hard Dance, Oldskool, Trance, Jungle, Techno & Much More. Quality Audio & Video Stream And Mobile Friendly So You Can Enjoy Your Favourite Shows At Home Or On The Go! Interested In Hosting Your Own Show On DV8? Contact Us Below Or On Facebook For More Details. Dont Forget To Join Our Fun & Friendly Chatroom Below For Live DJ Interaction, Shout Outs & More. Follow Us On Facebook And Twitter For The Latest News And Radio Show Information. Keep It Locked.... Keep It DV8 !

Radio Shows Available

Interested in your own show? We have one hour and two hour slots available for radio djs to host their very own show on DV8. Mixed genre's of your choice. Contact us here or on facebook for more information.

Mobile And Bluetooth

Listen Live TO DV8 on the go with our mobile & bluetooth app, available streaming direct to you car stereo or mobile phone. We are mobile ready and also available to listen direct from iTunes and streema.

DV8 Live Chat

Join our fun & friendly chatroom for live dj and listener interaction, shout-outs and more. Log in with your facebook or twitter account, or register a new dv8 chatroom account. Keep in touch & keep it locked!

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